Transportation Problem


Compute Transportation Problem

  • For solving the problem, click on New Problem button of the homepage.
  • Select radio button for Cost minimization or Time minimization.
  • Input value for Source and Destination.
  • Select any method from select box.
  • Click Create button for transportation table.
  • Fill-up the table.
  • Select Yes or No for Optimal Solution.
  • Select Yes or No for saving Main problem. If Yes then give the problem name.
  • Click Solve for solution.

Editing Problem

  • Click Edit button in Right-top corner for editing this problem.

Printing Solution

  • Click Print button in Right-top corner for printing full solution.

Generate soft copy

  • Click Download Solution button for full solution as a doc file.

Uploading saving Problem

  • Click Upload problem button for uploading saved problem.

Method Switching Option

  • After clicking Solve button for solving a problem, all methods are visible in left side vertical menu. Click any button under title of Methods to solve this problem using several listed methods.