Transportation Problem

OTPA-Optimized Transportation Problem Algorithm

The Numerical Simulation of Transportation Model

OTPA stands for "Optimized Transportation Problem Algorithm". This is the web based software tool for Numerical Simulation of Transportation Problem in the field of Operation Research. It contains several modern algorithms to solve Transportation Problems for minimization of cost. It is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

OTPA proposed by Utpal Kanti Das, Ph.D student of Jahangirnagar University and supervised by Professor Dr. Md. Sharif Uddin, Department of Mathematics, Jahangirnagar University. OTPA is the outcome of his Ph.D. research project. It has some existing algorithms and some new algorithms. Every algorithm is updated and modified. It has modern approach to solve realistic Transportation Problems, specially in “Vogel’s Approximation Method” , it resolves many conflicts and difficulties which are not solved yet in any other software. It is renamed by “Improved Vogel’s Approximation Method” in OTPA.

For the first time OTPA provides the realistic approach for solving Transportation Problems which was not introduced and applied yet in any other algorithms or software. This software offers step by step solution for all algorithms. And also can generate soft copy and able to print the solutions. Every solution in OTPA separated into two parts which are feasible solution and Optimum solution. Finally OTPA ensure the realistic Optimal solution.

OTPA is very useful for students and researchers to simulate Transportation problems and it also very essential and important for any industry to Optimized their transportation cost as well as time.